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Step One: Consultation

It begins with a conversation.  We will talk about your jewelry, your vision for you photos, as well as the purpose of your photos such as for your own website, online markets, social media, or for print.  We will discuss what you would like for editing such as but not limited to:

Background- white, black, other color, transparent, gradient, textured, etc.

Positioning- facing forward, flat, angled, side profile, etc.

Flaw Correction- some jewelry is meant to look natural with small but visible imperfections that show it's hand made quality while other jewelry receives more photoshopping than fashion models.  That's all up to you. 

Flat Lays- endless possibilities here!

Jewelry Texture- if you have ever tried to shoot smooth silver, you understand the special challenges this reflective texture involves.  Leather on the other hand, is a walk in the park.  These are factors to consider when putting together your photography plan.  

_DSC4479 2.jpg

Step Two: Quotes

After your photography vision-plan is created, we will give you a price quote and breakdown so you will know exactly how much each piece will be.  We work with small businesses and local designers as well as more established brands so you don't have to be a big time jewelry name to have great photos.  We enjoy helping up and coming designers get started on their way towards success.


Step Three: Delivery

For designers outside of the Phoenix, AZ area, your jewelry can be mailed to our studio by certified, sign on delivery mail.  Once received they will be shot, edited, and delivered to you through your own online album.  Once your photos are accepted, your pieces will be packaged safely and returned with insured express mail.  For Phoenix area designers, pieces can be delivered to the studio or we can pick them up from yours. 


Step Four: Make it Happen!

Now that you have professional photos of your designs, you can get to work making your website amazing and your business visions become a reality!

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